Alipay of Taiwan - mobile payment services for supermarkets, convenience stores, taxis, and more.

Kaktus Pay

Kaktus Pay, owned and founded by Trill Ventures GP, Daniel Lilischkies, is an international payment platform in the Middle East region, with the intent to promote and grow a mobile payments ecosystem.

KDH Jarvish

Led by former members of Foxconn, Jarvish brings together development teams in hardware and software from Taiwan, Silicon Valley, and India. Their expert team has given birth to a smart helmet system that can be constantly upgrade in software and services. Think Augmented Reality for your daily lifestyle hardware..


23andMe is a DNA analysis service providing information and tools for individuals to learn about and explore their DNA. We use the IlluminaHuman OmniExpress-24 format chip. Our chip consists of a fully custom panel of probes for detecting genetic variations. The selection was made to maximize the number of ancestry features available to customers as well as offer flexibility for future research.


Soundbrenner is a revolutionary platform that empowers musicians to master rhythm better and faster than ever before. At the heart of this platform is the Soundbrenner Pulse, a smart vibrating metronome. It is the world's first wearable device for musicians. It works hand in hand with our metronome mobile app as well as our DAW plugin for desktop computers.


Redefining Intracity Travel as India's first & largest two wheeler ride sharing platform. Rapido is a tech enabled curated platform for two-wheeler ridesharing.


Deligram works to be the largest B2B2C + B2C retail platform in Bangladesh Soon to launch private-label brands in certain verticals (eyewear, basic apparels, active wear, etc) With innovative ideas fulfilling last mile deliveries to consumers, Deligram looks to provide everyone in Bangladesh easy access to millions of products.


DataBird (DB) is an investment holding company focused on owning large and majority stakes in consumer Internet companies in Bangladesh. Founders have unrivaled access to top entrepreneurs in the region. Building a vast consolidation of companies, the goal is to own the remaining white spaces in the consumer Internet sectors throughout the region.


Landlife looks to restore over 2 Billion hectares' of degraded land with a patented technology that eliminates irrigation.


The sport of professional cycling today is suffering from a outdated business model, heavily relying on sponsorships that mostly benefits the biggest teams. With Racetracker we are addressing a new revenue stream to the sport in terms of tickets, and to fans, a complete experience in the sport of professional cycling!

Mighty Bear

Mighty Bear looks to dominate the MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) for all ages. Fun design and art with collective elements as well as battle like elements. Gaming for all ages. Worldwide release in March 2019!


Hardcore Gaming on Mobile Devices; Team based competitive game with skill shot combat. (Soon to be released!)

Qore x NBA

The one and only premiere luxury NBA sportwear Brand designed for Women.

Chain of Demand

Chain of Demand (CoD) is a robust SaaS platform that empowers brands and manufacturers to analyze and predict fashion trends and replenishments right at their fingertips.

Civil Maps

Deep Learning Al company that tackles the challenges for Level 4 Automation. Partnering with Alibaba, Stanford, Berkley, University of Michigan, NavInfo, Huawei, and Verizon to further buildout technology.